This Is Our Story

Wood floors are a lifetime investment and, as such, should only be entrusted to someone with extensive experience in their resurfacing. It takes a great deal of skill to refinish flooring. Just a little bit of extra pressure while sanding could leave a permanent dip in the floor. All-American Hardwood Flooring now offers deep cleaning of hardwood floors, dustless sanding and has been using water-based finishes for more than 15 years.

When you place these professionals in charge, you are hiring a company that is BONA certified with more than 10,000 completed jobs to their credit. A list of satisfied customers is available for the asking.

For a beautiful floor that will last a lifetime with just a minimal amount of maintenance, you can’t beat the attractiveness and durability of hardwood floors.

All-American Hardwood Flooring extends their expertise by offering a complete water, wind and fire restoration service. These professionals are ready to provide you with first-class restoration work when you need them the most. When you’re faced with choosing a restoration company, don’t let strangers in your home when you have any emergency, call All-American Hardwood Flooring. Whether you are planning to refinish your existing floor, installing a new floor or need restoration services, call All-American Hardwood Flooring. Their experience and expertise are your assurances of a job well done.

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